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About Non Surgical Rhinoplasty..


A great treatment to smooth out the shape of your nose or even lift the tip! Lots of our clients avoid the associated expense, the risks and the downtime that comes with surgery, they choose this instead! We use hyaluronic acid based products that contain lidocaine which is a pain relief ingredient to keep clients more comfortable during treatment.

Treatment facts:

  • We can help with common concerns such as a drooping tip or a dorsal hump to correct the side profile!

  • The treatment is bespoke to you and your desired look, we understand that every client is different.

  • We only use high quality products that will give you the very best results.

  • Non surgical rhinoplasty can last from 9 to 12 months but this varies between clients depending on your lifestyle, metabolism etc.

  • More than one session maybe required to get to your desired look. Building up filler is safer and this gives the very best end result.