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Jawline Fillers

About Jawline Fillers..


A great treatment to improve definition and lower face structure! The added volume thats placed along the jawline not only enhances your look, it will often lift and tighten tissues that are below which can help with a double chin! We use hyaluronic acid based products that contain lidocaine which is a pain relief ingredient to keep clients more comfortable during treatment.

Treatment facts:

  • Advanced injecting techniques will give you ladies a beautifully defined jawline without looking masculine.

  • This is an amazing treatment for men who really want that chisseled look!

  • The treatment is bespoke to you and your desired look, we understand that every client is different.

  • We only use high quality products that will give you the very best results.

  • Jawline  fillers can last from 6 to 9 months but this varies between clients depending on your lifestyle, metabolism etc.

  • More than one session maybe required to get to your desired look. Building up filler is safer and this gives the very best end result.